Backyard Beautiful - the Wedding of Em + T

I first met Emily or Em as she is known to everyone, at the Palmy Wedding Show. I had sussed a free stand, pulled together some shambles of a display, and gave out mandarins from my bountiful tree back home in Hastings. That's what got her she reckons - some good ol' Hawkes Bay fruit!

Probably because the Hawkes Bay is pretty special for these two lovebirds. Tyrone (T) and Em met at school here over 16 years ago. Since then.... well. Let's just say it's been one hang of a ride. To name a few of their adventures: four amazing kids, multiples moves, and the worst was losing their whole home to a flood in 2015. Things since then have been super tough for this amazing couple but there is one thing that I believed pulled them through all the adversity. Love. Because it always wins, every darn time! Actually, its not just me that has come to this conclusion. All their friends I spoke to at the wedding thought so too and the best man did a huurah of a speech about it.

This was a very very chilled backyard wedding. Which is strange as Em describes their family as 'crazy manic'. I can assure you there was nothing manic about this wedding.

All their friends turned up to help set the place up in the morning, went away, scrubbed up and returned for a very lovely ceremony and a rocking party. Em and her girlfriends have spent years rifling through second-hand shops to pull together the most amazing collection of Crown Lynn and crystal glassware I have ever seen. I hope I have done it justice in the photos.

As well as excelling in finding perfect antique china, Em is a very very talented photographer over at Tyme Photography (check her out - I absolutely love her work!). So naturally, I was quite nervous heading into this wedding. Her brief - she was not bothered about capturing everyone getting ready... although I managed to sneak in a few shots, and totally not bothered by the fact I was nervous... again nothing manic.

On sunset, going against the brief again (oops), I managed to drag Em + T away from the party, back to the site of their lost home for a few snuggled in moments together. The way T looks at her.. more admiration than usually found in a rugged man. I like to think they were reflecting on the absolutely amazing effort they have put into that place... and their relationship to be celebrating on that gorgeous day.  

Got this done just in time for Christmas to share with them, and couldn't help but write a novel. Eek!

Endless love team

Abbe  X

Hair: Em's sister Cushla
Makeup: @beautybykelsinz
Dress: The Bridal Studio Palmerston North
Celebrant: Julie Mcneil
Flowers: Friends Kiss + Shelley Caffell from Palmerston North Flower Market
Styling: Em did it all herself with the help of friends
Cake: Sugar Art
Food: All done by friends
Music: Em's Cousin Jordyn O’Neil

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