Seasonal Session with Poppy


Poppy is such a special wee soul. Alix, her mumma and I share a special bond as we journeyed our very quick first pregnancies together. Both back home, both with men working away, both floundering to figure it out. I can however report (with tears in my eyes) she has managed to pull together the most beautiful life and I am so unbelievably proud of what they have achieved.

Then there is Poppy... the hugest blessing in disguise. For me to be able to show Poppy's cute as a button personality through photography is super exciting for me.  It is interesting to think that Poppy like Mini Jeanie was not exactly in our plans, but neither of us can imagine our life without our wee girls.

She was an absolute dream to work with which I think is a testament not only to her amazing family but I have the privilege of photographing Poppy every year since she was born - so she knows the drill. 

I love doing these Summer Sessions back home. But because of the nature of work in the area, most of the dad's they are busy working away in the shearing sheds during peak season and often unable to make a shoot. One day we will get you in with your girls Ray!

I caught up with these cuties a few weeks ago in a secret spot in Te Kuiti, it was a super windy day and Poppy was extremly worried about her hair which Alix (A fantastic local hairdresser) did especially for our session. We escaped the wind into the Redwoods. It was magical.


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