Cape Kidnappers at Sunrise

Cape Kidnappers, the pearl in the Hawkes Bay landscape, is every Photographer's dream. So too are Ben and Chrissy - down to earth, fun and total babes!

Sunrise continues to be my preferred shooting time. The light always seems slightly more magical than sunset. Maybe I am just a morning person and need to find some evidence to back that statement up...  And even better than that is a Winter Sunrise  - again I have no evidence why so let's just go with it.

Early one Saturday morning in the Winter of 2018, Florrie (my four year old assistant) and I ventured out to Cape Kidnappers Golf Course with these two love birds. Ben works there so was totally all over the hookups to nosy on into the place. And as you can see below this is one Hector of a spot to watch the sun come up. We had just had a week of below average weather so I was hoping Mother Nature was going to provide the goods.

Ben and Chrissy have been together for 'ages' and 'well forever really'. Like, so long neither of them could really remember when it started. They've travelled the world together multiple times and are now ready to embark on their next adventure - marriage.

Im super looking forward to seeing more of their love story be written.

Abbe x

P.S If you are keen to have some photos up here I could possibly swing a deal with my new mate Ben to get us up there.