Florence in Luca Broccolini

As soon as I saw this jacket on Instagram I got so excited! I love these old wool blankets. They remind me of warm nights cuddled up at my grandparents. You'd always have to be wearing your long pyjamas because although deliciously warm they could be known to cause an itch or two. Who doesn't have memories of these blankets!? 

It was those same grandparents who taught me the importance of reusing and recycling everything, especially fabric. My grandma is the thriftiest woman I know. She can make a hearty meal out of nothing, get a stain out of anything and use any old thing with some other old things to make all sorts of beautiful things. 

But it was parents who taught me about the wool industry in New Zealand. As a teenager, I spent all my summers in the woolshed. Stories from my dad's shearing days whereby he worked hard in order to save for a farm, as done by many humble men I know. That farm that kept us clothed, kept us fed and kept us educated - partially through the growth and sale of wool. The same had happened to him growing up. With a long family history of farming, you could say it has done all that for generations.

But sorry I will stop with family yarns, back to Luca Broccolini!

Jenni and Jodi are a local mother/daughter duo in Hawkes Bay. If you head to their website and read their story, you'll see they really do have such a passion for what they are creating. Slow fashion as they call it - I like it!

They utilise salvaged, vintage, and pre-loved fabrics, so not one jacket they hand make is the same. The bigs buttons are even handmade in the family too!

But it's not just jackets, they do the cutest bow ties and one day when I have a boy I will be so getting one! There are all sorts of other beautiful products on their website so be sure to check them out!

One more note about Luca Broccollini is their transparent pricing. On their website, you can see exactly what the cost is of each part of the clothing they sell. 

So they may not make a lot of money but life's not all about the money, right? It's about these smiles!

This was Florrie age 4 on an Autumn afternoon in the sunshine. Enjoy x