The Perry Wedding

This beautiful day was my last wedding of the 2017/18 season. Talk about ending on a high! 

There's nothing quite like walking away from a wedding with a smug little grin knowing this is forever. These two are totally it for each other! I am so grateful to all my couples for choosing me, and when the bride tells you that she already wanted you even before she was engaged you know you're on to something good. 

Lucky for me, Hannah and I go back a long time. Our parents farmed next to each other when were young, so to meet up again for this was a very special experience I don't get to have very often.

These two captivating humans are surrounded by two super great families, loads of ride or die mates and endlessly supportive role models. Their love story dates right back to high school. But in Hannahs words, 'the curly afro and school band gig obviously failed to gain my attention'. She had no clue who he was! After travelling the world, it was back home at the local pub he finally caught her eye. I'd go on about all the beautiful things they have told me about each other but the tears are no good for my keyboard - sorry!

So back to the wedding. This night had one heck of a party cranking. Lots of Vengaboys was played - so obviously a good time!

Thank you so much team for having me! What a hoot!

Vendor praise:
The White Wedding Club
Twelve Tables
Grace Loves Lace
Dorset Suits
Freckle and Ginger
The Sample Room
Sam Tweedie Celebrant
Evolution Clothing