On Farm with the Thomson's

Having worked as a Photographer in Hawkes Bay for two years I thought there can’t be many cool spots I haven’t ventured too. Turns out - there is is always more!.

So when Rachael contacted me ages ago asking for me to come out to their Crownthorpe farm to update the family album, I thought ‘yay, a new spot’. I love heading out on people’s farm, you see and learn way more about them as a family than if you met them in town somewhere random, which is all apart of the storytelling process. And being classic rural New Zealand - where we all know someone who knows someone - we sure had plenty to talk about!

Racheal also has the coolest hashtag for her kids which totally makes me want to make one for my family. #lulunzaza - so cute. If anyone has any suggestions for what mine could be please come forward.

Thanks again Rachael + Rupert! Warning: Cute puppies ahead…

Abbe x