European Earthy Editorial

This editorial was in honour of our aspirational relationship with Mother Earth, aptly named Roots Symphony.

This editorial is an ode to our beautiful Papatūānuku. Although the Portugese name for this is translated to Mãe Terra. I add this because this was shot on the rugged coastline of Portugal in a small village of Praia Portinho da Arrabida.

It is an ode to celebrate the most unique moments in life, using handmade luxury details. 

How magical is the invisible line that connect people, situations, objects and experiences, no matter where they are from?

Inspired by Nature, our pieces want to celebrate Women, the Feminine, the Yin energy. We want to feel each bride deeply connected with herself, calm and rooted.

We want to see the modern woman feeling good on her skin and glowing from within.  Shine my love, because Mother Earth want to see you shining too!

We are in love. I hope you fall in love too! 💛

I need to take a moment to thank the powerhouse who brought this shoot together. Diana Martins is one extremely talented lady who worked tirelessly to bring lots of amazing vendors together. For me, on the other side of the world I appreciated knowing she had me. I stumbled across her gorgeous Instagram @studiodianamartins, where I thought I would DM her to say I love her work. I also added that I was coming to Portugal and would love to work together.

I love and highly value collaboration. When creatives get together amazing and magic things can happen. Collaboration over competition!

Thankyou to the rest of the team also. Please visit their handles below x

Creative styling and production: @studiodianamartins
Luxury Headpieces & Earrings: @studiodianamartins
Model: @margaridag0dinho / @facemodelsagency
Ceramics: @margaridagorgulho
Shoes: @badgleymischka@annawalkerpt