The Real Kiwi Wedding

This Wedding really ticked all the boxes for the quintessential Kiwi Wedding, considering the international heritage of both the Bride and the Groom. Stacey’s South African and Australian mixed with Stephan’s Kiwi and French, really made for something special. They had a farm ceremony, but not just any farm. The hills that Stephan ran as a child that made him the man he is today. Then there was the mutton on the spit - which I have only just learnt is a VERY kiwi thing to do! The Grotto (if you know, you know), a huge part of the history of the small community of Pio Pio. The wonderful and very generous Anselmi family who host here; weddings, crate days and funerals. And those are just the events that I personally have been to there, there are plenty more special occasions that are held in this fascinating natural architecture. The homegrown food put together by the outstanding team at The Night Owl, another Pio Pio institution.

Side note here: whenever I book a wedding in Pio Pio, my first question always is “Have you got Melanie and her team doing your catering?!”, although I don’t even know why I ask because of course the answer will be a “hell yes!”.

This couple’s love of the land and their community was showcased at every point in this wedding, with stuble hints back to their families. The Jacaranda tree; found predominately in Australia and the name of the Station that Stacey’s mum grew up on in South Africa. As a part of their ceremony they planted it on the Turner’s farm during the ceremony. Or the Rabbit Rillette, the mouth watering French Pate Stephan’s mum made herself from Rabbits that she breeds especially.

But probably the biggest thing I noticed was the love. Which I know may sound silly as every wedding has love. This is true, but for some reason this was different, a calm, subtle sense of absolute ‘meant to be’ feels.

I’ll stop now and let the images speak to you instead, where I think you can feel allllll of that. There is just small selection here, even a near topless moment from Stacey mid ceremony - that’ll be a good story for the grandkids one day!

Shout out to some of my favourite vendors from my home town here:

Food Porn and Styling courtesy of The Night Owl

Hair and Makeup Extraordinaire By Alix - Hair and Makeup

Floral Queens from The Flower Fairy

Celebrant and General Fun Maker Ingrid Jensen

Angel Dress by Grace Loves Lace (Verdelle Dress)

Boys dapper Suits by Barkers