Capturing the beauty in the Everyday - my specialty


When my friend Jessie and I met she was looking for a Family Photographer in Hawkes Bay. And there I was! We spoke about doing some family photos for about a year after this. Either one of us was always busy that in the end we even gave up for about six months. I think the universe made it that way because then things changed.

Jessie and I see each other every Friday. I eventually shared with her on one of these Fridays this new idea I had about capturing the everyday. I’m talking messy hair, mismatched socks and knobbly, muddy knees. Because I believe where there are muddy knees there are sparkling eyes.

Taking photos of what really happens in your home on a usual day. I want to showcase the family unit. The dynamics between siblings, the love shared between mum and dad, and the ways in which everyone comes together. No posing, no retrying an action to get the perfect shot. Just real, raw, honest images about the beautiful and simple intricacies of everyday life. There is so much beauty in our every day, so much beauty that we will never remember if it goes uncaptured. 


To me, this is such a special project. My family is one of my biggest passions, which is why I am certain that we need to lock in the moments we deem as small in the everyday family life. The small moments that actually equate to the big ones! Basically just real life everyday tasks you do as a family that you are not going to do forever. So that in twenty years time you can look back and smile (heck, even laugh out loud) at all the bits you overlooked.

I believe we need to document the stories of your life right now because kids are kids for such a short time (even when it feels like it will never end).

Eventually, Jessie and I found the time on a sunny Hawkes Bay Winter afternoon last year, the photos were everything I had hoped they would be. I don't think I could have done a better job of convincing the Wallace's that this was the best way to do a family photo session.

The best bit was they got all the edited images simply given on a USB. For me, this is crucial because I know if it was my family, I would want the full story. Telling you that I will only give you 20 images of the hundreds I took feels like robbery. So I always, always throw in all the goods! 


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We had such fun on the weekend! We’ll look back on these photos at our home and recognise the trike and surroundings. So much more meaningful than at a studio with no connection to us.
— Jessie Wallace

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We carry our homes within us which enables us to fly
— John Cage