Branding and Photos - why you need to be all over it


So you have this amazing brand which you want to show to the world, you know social media is where it is at for reaching your target audience, but you currently are struggling to get more content. You've got yourself a website maybe or you're at least thinking about it, but the average stock images out there aren't authentic enough for who you really are. You have a great story that you want to tell,  you even have the words but you don't have the images to really push it in this visual world. Enter personalised Brand Photography.

I've recently been listening to heaps of amazing podcasts from incredible women behind Your Creative Start and Socialette, plus many many more. Where basically in every episode they chat all things small businesses including harnessing the power of social media and the importance of a good website.  All stuff which I am super interested in!  One theme that kept coming through on these podcasts was the importance of investing in your imagery. As they say a picture speaks 1000 words and by adding more images to your website and social platforms you are actually speaking to your ideal clients way more than if you're just bombarding them with copy. Your target audience also want to see you, they need to connect your story with your gorgeous face! Because nothing says β€˜trusted brand’ like authentic images.

All the babes I follow on Instagram who are absolutely smashing it are doing so because of their images.  The key to keeping #relevant in today's extremely fast paced world is to have your images aligned with your message, and keeping a consistent effort on social media. If you had a bank of say 100 images completely owned by you that were 100% relevant to what you were all about, imagine how much easier this would be.


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