Dealing with Imposter Syndrome


When friends, acquaintances or clients say ‘wow, you’re totally nailing it with X,Y,Z’ sometimes I just want to let out a massive LOL in their face. Do you ever feel the same? Ever feel like you’re really not nailing it and in roll the waves of guilt for giving off that vibe on unsuspecting social media users.

People looking to you as having ‘success’ in your business or career when really you still go home and eat a tub of ice cream some nights because your day was about as close to successful as Trump is from empathy.

Surely somewhere along the line you have to decide to only take on what you believe to be success compared with what others believe to be success for you. Then from here draw some sort of conclusion that perhaps you could lower your expectations on yourself? Be a bit kinder? Reflect on what you have already achieved? Show gratitude to the goals you’ve already ticked off? Then move forth with a new found appreciation for yo damn self.

Imposter Syndrome, I believe, stems from a desire to please others and to be only receptive to what others think of you. Letting that voice in your head run away with thoughts of not being enough. A bit of self love goes a long way when you think about all this jazz. As does a bit of discipline, simply pulling yourself up on thinking those thoughts and actively changing them to more positive ‘you got this gf’ thoughts make a huge difference.

My final tip would just be authentic. Imagine a world where we were just all ourselves and no one ever felt like an Imposter because that’s how they genuinely looked or felt.

So this was just a quick post, a wee reminder if you will, that you are worth more than you realise. So be gone self doubt.

Abbe x