The Future of Photography (as described by me)


A business advisory type planner person asked me the other day where did I see the Photography Business in twenty years.

It struck me that I actually had never even thought about it. So I decided to write down my musing about the Life of a Photographer in 2039.

For those wondering how young and glamorous I will be in 2039 I can tell you I will be 49. 49 and fucken fabulous, I have no doubt. Yes I was only ten years old during Y2K - like every other ten year old at the time I had zero fear of the world ending. Life was good.

But back to 2039.

Here are my top ten questions about this time:

  1. Will we still have wifi?

  2. Will we take images in our minds to later be transferred via electrical brain currents to someone else’s electrical brain currents and we wont have the need or desire for tangible items such as printed images?

  3. Will people still get married or will marriage hold the same value as it does in 2019?

  4. How small will the cameras be?

  5. Will we still even have cameras?

  6. Will our brains be all hyperpolarised from the vast amounts of electromagnetic radiation in the atmosphere? (Ok, I may have googled that one.)

  7. Will we still “edit while half watching a Netflix series”?

  8. Is a Photographer in the ‘a third of the World’s current jobs that will no longer exist’ status? (I call BS on this one).

  9. Will all images be three-dimensional?

  10. I give up. My head hurts.

Once I wrote question nine I went back on google and ended up reading this hardcore article about What Photography Will Look Like in 2060. You can read it here if you too are a hardout.

That was all too much for me. I could literally feel my creativity sinking down into the ground and being stood on. Yuck.

Shall we not worry about it? The future I mean? Like, I am all for being environmentally conscious as not to hyperpolarise my brain too much but thinking of a 4D camera implanted into my eye - No thank you, I am not ready.

So next time a business planner asks you where your business will be in twenty years you could say “hopefully I still love what I do everyday” The end.

Tune in again soon for hard out futuristic science stuff with me.

Abbe x