Cheap + Easy Laundry Liquid Recipe

This is so easy! Super fun things to do with kids and so much cheaper.

In my house at the moment we are on a massive “save the environment, reduce our spending, live simply” buzz.

I found this recipe on a Facebook forum about financial stuff. Full disclaimer here: I’m a low key financial nerd. I LOVE talking everything money and financials, but I find most people HATE that sort of chat so I usually just annoy my partner about it in the comfort of my own home.

So, one day I found on this a fabulous recipe for laundry liquid. Currently in my local supermarket, the brand I would usually buy is $10 per litre. But I was refilling at my local Bin Inn anyhow so costing very slightly less in normal money, and a lot less in terms of plastic waste. Also my local Bin Inn is where I got all these ingredients for my laundry liquid. I love Bin Inn!

The first item of clothing to get put to the test with this new recipe was my partners shearing jeans fresh from a day in the shed. Basically, if you know, you know. They are traditionally very difficult to get clean!


  • 250g (1 cup) Borax - found at Bin Inn or the like

  • 125g (1/2 cup) Washing Soda or Sodium Carbonate or Soda Crystals or Soda Ash - I use Soda Crystals

  • 1 bar (85g) Sunlight Soap - the OG soap of soaps

  • One decent 20 litre bucket with a lid. Splash out and buy a nice fresh new one instead of one that’s used for dog tucker which I had first planned to use. Yuck - glad I didn’t!


  • Grate the sunlight soap then put it into a big pot with 1 litre (four cups) of water

  • Heat this up until soap almost melted but DONT bring to the boil

  • Pour that into your 20 litre bucket

  • Add 11 litres ( 44 cups) of warm water

  • Add Washing Soda and stir till dissolved

  • Add Borax and stir till dissolved

  • OPTIONAL: Add in essential oils. I add different ones into each wash instead of the whole supply so I can change it up when I feel like it.

  • Leave this soapy mix covered overnight

  • The next day it will be a jelly like substance. Its ready to use!

  • Use 1/2 cup per wash getting some gel some liquid in your scoop.

  • Sit back for at least six months knowing you spent approx $10 or less on your whole laundry supply!

    NOTE: When I did this with the shearing jeans I added 1/2 cup of White Vinegar. Worked magic! But not necessary with every wash unless you use it like Softener or to keep your machine clean!