Five Reasons Engagement Photos are Worth it!


I know you probably think I am super biased for wanting all my couples to have engagement shoots. But I feel like I have soooo many good reasons why. Instead of boring you with all of them, I have just written five of the BEST reasons you should have engagement photos.

ONE. We get to hang out!
Its a bloody long day to spend with your Wedding Photographer on what is set to be the best day of your life. I am there lurking around like a creep for every single moment at your wedding. What if you don’t think my jokes are funny? What if you decide we don’t gel enough because I am a more of a dog person than a cat person, and you are having your cat walk you down the isle?! So think of it as sort of an interview for me as well.

TWO. You get all your fear of being in front of the camera out of the road.
This one is mostly for the men, they usually hate being in front of the camera. But nine times out of ten once the engagement shoot is nearly over, they’re into it. Telling me how they want to stand, what light looks best, just generally taking loads of interest in the process.

THREE. We have time.
In a way more relaxed environment we have time to yarn and laugh and talk planning while we are at it. On your wedding day sometimes things have to happen quickly, but if you have an engagement shoot we have time for that perfect shot.


FOUR. Your images are more YOU.
Don’t get me wrong its the aim of the game to have stunning wedding photos but sometimes its nice to have images of you together when you’re not in a white gown or a suit. Especially if you don’t dress up much in real life. We usually get to do images in a spot of sincere importance to you; your farm or your beach. Wherever you feel the most comfortable… except on the couch with a drink in your hand. We can do that after!

FIVE. An adventure awaits.
How gorgeous is this country though? I want to show you some amazing spots I know and I want to see your favourites too. The perfect opportunity for a road trip!

So if you’re keen to join me for a session/adventure even if you’re not engaged. Get in touch today because life is too short not to have fab pictures together! Email me now you wont regret it!

Abbe x