Five Things that Ruin Wedding Photos

A very blunt post about the most important Do’s and Don’ts from your Wedding Photographer.

  1. Petal/Confetti throwing etiquette - always throw up above the couple, never at them. That way the petals elegantly fall from above, not blind the Bride.

  2. Hair - If you are the Bride and you are wearing your hair down, pin it back slightly on the side that faces your guests in the ceremony. Or you are the Groom - no judgement here. Your guests have come all this way to see you marry the love of your life, they want to see your beautiful face. And I want to capture your reactions.

  3. Devices - ask the guests to drop them at the door. Tell the groom he can’t have his in his pocket (They camera can’t mistake that bulge!). Guests should be asked to leave them behind - because sometimes you just have to force people to be present. I have too many photos of people with a phone in front of their face. How will you recognise the guests in your photos in years to come?!

  4. Make a list - always make a list of everyone you want a photo of or with. This helps your Photographer work for you and what you want out of your day. Yes they must include every single name, not just ‘uni friends’, because usually, your Photographer did not go to uni with you.

  5. Smile! - a big fat reminder for anyone in the Bridal Party who is in front of a camera all day. ENJOY it. A Photographer has to try really hard to make you look like you are enjoying yourself. Relax and just have fun - so your photos can reflect the joy of the day.

Sorry if you were looking for fluff in this post. This is one very quick and easy read!

Please note: I have not included any wedding photos in this post as I love my couples way too much to attach their photos to something even the slightest bit negative.

Abbe x