When Photos Become All There Is

When I was a little girl my father had a cardiac arrest on the Aria Squash Court. While he lay in Waikato Hospital my mum went into full panic mode that we had barely any nice family photos together. How could his little girls remember him?

Fortunately, we were the lucky ones, he survived another few cardiac issues and we still get to spend time with him whenever we want.

But if all you had were photos? Would you have enough?

We just never know what is around the corner. As a photographer, I have come across many families who want precious moments captured in case something happens. Like a friend of mine Sam Brooks. Sam is a loving husband and father to a precious wee gal Indy. Like so many other good men I know, Sam works damn hard to provide for his family. Which means he often misses out on some of the fun stuff. The stuff that also happens to be when the most photos are taken. He approached me, when, in the space of 18 months Sam had tragically lost two of his friends. Two friends who were dads with little kids just like him. Two hard-working dads who were not in loads of photos.

Sam said “we’re no good at taking pictures ourselves, and seeing their kids left behind makes me wonder how many photos they had together, and if the few photos they do have will be enough to remember their dad by.”

In our world of iPhone cameras being somewhat decent and having the ability to put a filter on anything, we have somehow lost the art of a good old family photo. One that gets printed, framed and hung on our wall proudly. A constant reminder of the people that make our lives special. Because at the end of the day it's who you shared your life with that really matters.

Now I don’t know about you but I hate having my photo taken. I’ve spent too much time behind the lens, like many other mums I know. But what is really handy now is you don’t have to have a Tyra Banks pout or pose as stiff as the way I like my Gin. There are so many wonderful photographers out there who work with you in a way to capture you naturally. Laughter always looks the best on people - so have that stiff Gin beforehand and crack a joke about anything. Anything or nothing at all.

Also, don’t even get me started on how many women have said to me 'I'll get family photos done when I have lost another few kilos'. Your kids don't care about that little bit extra. You're their Mum - you’ll always be perfect in their eyes.

So Sam and his gorgeous family came along to one of my Travelling Sessions I hold around the country. We basically just hung out for 45 minutes talking about the busy main shear he was having. He played with his wee daughter, kissed his beautiful wife - and I documented it all. A few weeks later a USB turns up in his mailbox packed with memories. Sam was rapt because he knew they would look great on the wall once his wife had them printed and framed. He was also pleased to get his mum off his back about sending her one for Christmas!

No one ever regrets time spent with their family. All I do is help make that time tangible.

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