Top 10 tips for photographing your own kids - I’m giving away all my secrets!

  1. Stay out of their face - get ya zoom going, just let them do their thing and capture the moments from a distance.

  2. Get a good zoom - fork out for a decent camera. I promise a good lens will automatically make your pictures a zillion times better.

  3. Don’t ask them to smile - [hand in palms moment] Make them laugh! The result will be far more natural than a toothy mouth with eyes closed forcing out their loudest cheeseeeeeee.

  4. Tell fart jokes - I even think fart jokes are funny! If all I could show in photos is laughter then I am always happy.

  5. Have adventures - Go somewhere new and capture them learning new things there.

  6. Show their features - the cute lips, the crazy hair do, the mismatched socks. Show all the facets of them that make them unique.

  7. Capture their personality - If your kid is always being a menace then take pictures of that. If your kid is always reading, then take pictures of that too.

  8. Use the ugly toys - If they love that ugly teddy bear with the one eye and the loose stitching then please have it in photos. Soon it will be gone. So laugh and capture the moment.

  9. Take the darn photo - to capture too much is better than not enough.

  10. Keep the darn photo - back-up all your bits. Print them out and shove them in an album. Some of my best memories are stored in photo albums covered in dust at my parents and looking back through them is such a fun thing to do!

Hope this inspires you to get out there with your camera and have some fun. Don't overthink it just snap away.

Love to hear how you get on, please leave a comment, connect with me on social media!