What is stopping you from getting family photos done?


You’ve no doubt said one of these to yourself or heard a friend say something similar:

‘The last shoot we did was horrid’
‘I hate being in front of the camera’
‘I hate the way I currently look, I don’t want to be in photos’
‘Paying a professional is not a financial priority’
‘Sarah has a front tooth missing, we will do some when she the new one has come through’

But have you heard the other friends who got family photos done who said:

‘She made us feel so comfortable’
‘We had a great time, she was just there doing her thing’
‘I love the photos’
‘She really captured the moment here’
‘How cute are my kids in these pictures!’

No one ever regrets it.


No one ever looks back and thinks family photos were a wasted investment.

There are so many options now too for not ‘being in front of a camera’. Which is why I love everyday life sessions. I just follow you around, you do your daily activities with your family and leave it to me to capture the moments. No posing. No forced smiles. No brushed hair or washed faces. Just real life. Real everyday family life.

People are willing to invest an exorbitant amount for wedding photography. Why are we not willing to invest in capturing family memories. Because family is the most important thing right?


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