Why hire a professional family photographer?


Remember when your kids were babes? How you wanted to just stare at their squishy little faces all day long as they lay there and looked back at you? How perfect their skin was, that crooked little gummy smile and how much you wanted to hold onto that moment.

Then what about when your teenagers were toddlers running a muck, or your adult children when they still lived under your roof and had an allowance?

Don’t you want to be able to sit back with your grandkids and show them hilarious photos of you with their parents when they were kids?


I've had so many mums say to me ‘’But Abbe, I can take the pictures of my kids looking great. I don’t need to pay someone to do it’. This is true. But wouldn't you want to be in the pictures for a change? I want to show you how beautiful you look having a moment of pure joy with your kids. To show you how they see you - as the most amazing person in the world!

Another thing I know for sure, it's that kids respond to having their moment.  If there is something I have learnt in nearly ten years professionally photographing people, is that everybody wants to feel special and everyone wants to be a part of something, especially children.  There is some research out there from a child psychologist David Krauss from Ohio in the US, proving having family photos done gives kids a self-esteem boost. Organising a family photography session makes kids feel a part of a family unit (David the psychologist said).  Children love having their photo taken by a fun young lady who tells fart jokes. As do adults.  

‘At the end of the day all that matters is love and memories. So make sure you give it and you make them’  - Trent Shelton

Edit: ‘‘And document them’ - Abbe Hoare


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