Booking + Cancellation Policy

A $40 non refundable deposit is due when booking travelling seasonal sessions online.

Before booking with Photos for Jean please ensure you understand completely the result of cancelling a photo session.

If a photo session is cancelled and you cannot reschedule to another date, the $40 booking fee is non refundable and is kept by Photos for Jean.

If a client wishes to make further payment to Photos for Jean prior to the session and then cancels the session within 3 weeks of the date of the session, I will refund 50% of the total paid (excluding the deposit). If cancelled within 5 days of the session no refund will be given.

Photos for Jean will do everything she can to reschedule your session at a time convenient to all parties, and if that cannot be agreed upon, the client can have a credit of the amount they have paid to use towards future sessions, or they can transfer the money to somebody else if they wish.

This does not apply to weddings or events.