brand photography

Investing in the images that represent your brand is so so important. For one of these sessions, we would take a slightly more holistic approach. In the weeks before our session, we brainstorm how you want your business or brand to be seen, remember you have to teach people what to think about you! Namely, if you are a service based business or brand you want to set yourself apart in your industry by invoking integrity, trust and knowledge through your marketing campaigns and integral imagery of YOU.

Authenticity is a word we see everywhere now that social media has sold us a false dream of success. To be seen as an authentic brand you must show face - no matter what you’re trying to sell. The best way to be trusted and build authenticity is through images which provoke a sense of connection.

So, I come to you and hang out with you while you are doing what you do, and we get some gorgeous shots of you, interacting and creating.

Packages start from an investment of $500 for unlimited use of approximately 20 images.
I completely understand how scary it is to take a leap into something like this when you are starting out. So please feel free to shoot me a message and I can give you a call to discuss your options. 

 Also, I wrote a wee blog post about why I believe these are super important - you can find that here.