This workshop is designed for mums (or aunties or grandmas) who want to take better photos of their gorgeous kids. I’m not talking about stuffy studio lighting and fake smiles. This one is about the real moments. Their little grubby toes from playing outside. Their little button nose covered in chocolate from baking after school. That infectious laugh that shows the missing teeth.

I am a mum who has been photographing children professionally for ten years, let me show you what I have learnt. I want to help you get the most out of your camera, your child and your environment. Let's capture those moments!

Having a camera with manual setting ability is not a requirement for the workshop, as there will be a brief section on camera settings. You are more than welcome to just bring along your smartphone.

We will have a drink, something to eat, a chat and lots of fun!


Here is what we will cover in the two-hour workshop:

  • My own guidelines for composing the moments, including opportunities I look for.

  • How to use natural light to your absolute advantage.

  • My tricks for getting kids not to notice you are taking photos.

  • Basic techniques to get you off using Auto mode.

  • Best ways to edit, store and display your photos.

  • Practical component to test out your new skills.

  • Access to an exclusive Facebook group where I can help critique your images, give advice and you can ask me any more questions.


This is not an event you bring your kids to. Who can learn with a kid scrambling all over them anyway? You’ll be way more excited to go home to their cute squishy faces and get clicking if they’re not with you for the afternoon. And this way you won’t have to share your goodie bag with them!

What you also get for coming along is (apart from being totally inspired!):

  • 50% off an Everyday Life Session with me. My camera and your family.

  • 50% off my Lightroom presets. I basically do the editing for you.

  • Me as your Facebook friend forever.

  • Did I mention the goodie bag?!



Dates + Places:

No more workshops for 2018. Check back in 2019. Otherwise flick me and email to get me to hurry up and sort one out! email here